Systems Upgrades

Airframes are built to stand the test of, but with the rapid deployment of technology, systems upgrades are rapidly becoming available. We strive to be a partner in helping to see through the clouds, and seamlessly implement practical technologies that keep you at the top of your game.



AgPilotX is a new and innovative guidance system built by Insero for aerial applicators.  It uses 3 simple, wireless components to accomplish everything a pilot needs – 1) a Lightbar, 2) a Hub and 3) an Apple iPad.  All the components are “smart” meaning they run off their own computer and work independently of the other devices.  All 3 devices work in concert and communicate to each other utilizing an on-board WiFi network.

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Upgrade and stay in compliance…

As new technologies become available some will be adopted by the FAA to modernize the airspace, and improve the safety of the operating environment. Contact Us to allow Valley Air Service to assist you in understanding the new regulations, and modernizing your panel.

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anything worth doing, is worth doing right…

As you operate an aircraft for an extended period of time, the pilot often has ideas to make the aircraft more comfortable or efficient to operate. Contact Us, we can assist you in the process of making any changes in a legal manner…not only adding operational value, but increasing the value of your aircraft by making changes correctly.