Throughout the early years of our existence, we operated with a focus on vertical integration, if we owned and operated the equipment, then we should be able to service it. This was born from the simple fact that Valley Air Service operated a fleet for the purpose of making a living, we simply could not afford to have our aircraft tied down while they should be working. Over the years we have made an effort to refine our focus a bit, but the knowledge gained has allowed us to differentiate ourselves not only with knowledge and relationships, but also knowing the critical nature of needing an aircraft operational. From the depths of the decades that have made us who we are today, we are equipped to assist you in keeping your aircraft in prime operational condition, letting you focus on following your passions.

From small to large sized turbine or piston aircraft, our maintenance team has the knowledge and expertise to keep you in the air.  We have a storied relationship with Honeywell’s TPE331 family of turboprop engines. Between our “in house” capabilities, and the industry relationships that we have cultivated, we can provide industry leading service for your TPE331 Turbine Engine. Over the years we have also gained experience with the PT6 family of engines as well, and can assist in providing services from line maintenance, compressor washes, as well as Hot Sections. Our power plant capabilities don’t stop there, we also have extensive experience with the Continental and Lycoming engines, whatever your needs, we are here to assist you…Contact Us